Sunday, July 03, 2005

I hoped to get some good knitting done when I went to Africa, as I was on three airplanes and traveling for a good 30-some hours straight.

I made my first ever pair of socks, which are crappy as far as hand-knit socks go because of all their flaws, but a.they were my first pair and b.they are still functional as socks.

P.S. They kept my feet warm because planes are way too air conditioned.

Then I made my Charlie Brown sweater. I must say that I am proud of myself for getting it done because I usually lose interest or run out of yarn before I finish a project like this quickly.
I only had one skein of yellow for this one, though, therefore it's a little too small, but I am still excited to wear it.


Oh, and I am making a stethescope cover. Who ever knew that knitters out there made stethescope covers? Well, it isn't for me, since I'm not a nurse or a doctor, it is for a woman I met on the trip who requested it. It's a simple, fast project but I haven't finished it yet because I haven't. Such is life; I will get to it tomorrow.


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