Monday, January 16, 2006

Wow. Belated happy new year. School's got me too busy to knit (I'm glad that was a lie).
The brown cardigan is ready for sleeves, but I'm not. I need to get new double-pointed needles for it.
To take up the time before that shopping trip, which might not happen for a few weeks, I've started making an ice cream cone hat! It's quite literally going to look like a swirly cone of soft serve... that is, if I do it right. I've already had to start over six times. But I'm excited for the finished product! If not a little anxious. I'll hold off on pictures until it looks a little bit more like it should, because for all I know I'm going to rip back eighty more times before it actually works.
So there's your update. Until next time.


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