Thursday, November 10, 2005

I got the second sleeve for the baby sweater done today! Now I just have to seam them all together and make a collar. (And weave in ends, but I don't like thinking about my least favorite part just yet!)
Yeah, in eighth period I wanted to graft the two shoulder pieces together but I didn't have a third needle for kitchener's stitch, so I took apart my pen and grafted the shoulder with the ink cartrige because I'm punk.
Wasn't till I got home that I realized that I did the wrong side, though. Damn.

Oh yeah, and do you remember that red and green thing that was going to be a coat? Yeah, well it was turning out really freaking ugly so I took it apart. I'm still going to make a coat out of that yarn, though. I'm doing wide panels of each color; it'll be tizight.


At November 12, 2005 1:53 PM, Blogger FluffyMonkey said...

I love your ability to use the most bright and ridiculous colors! I am one of those blue, grey, white, black, repeat types. Boring! I just don't do bright colors well, I guess. Too Irish. I adore your lace skirt, too!


Ps. I found you from craftster! Yay.


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