Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Elephant sweataaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Okay, so in my head that was Strongbad's voice)

Yep, it's really done! No, I can't believe it either. It kind of sucks, though, because when I picked up stitches along the bottom the rib got messed up. But it is better to have a messed up rib than it being too short, so at least matters could be a lot worse. Also, the armpits are not tall enough. ::giggle:: Tall armpits--that sounds funny, doesn't it? It's true, though, that they're not. That is why the top of the elephant rectangle pulls to the sides and looks very unrectangly. But it is just because I have never done a raglan sweater before. I could have used a pattern, but it just wasn't an option (because I am too cool).

I have been requested by Janey from blogger and someone from Craftster (it's moving to a new server at the moment so I can't get the username) for the elephant motif I used. I charted it out on the computer, so this will be nice and easy.

Okay, maybe not.

Okay, so blogger doesn't load .bmp or .png and otherwise it loses color information, but I guess a chart is a chart, regardless of how fuzzy, right?

Yay for MS Paint.


At December 04, 2005 8:31 AM, Blogger Janey said...

Many, many thanks for the elephant chart, Sally Sue.
I have a person in mind who is elephant crazy ... did I tell you that before? Now it's a matter of figuring out what to make for the elephant to be on.
Mind you, that will have to be after I get finished all the Christmas knitting stuff. Sometimes I don't remember how long it takes to knit six patterned washclothes (each with a different pattern), two ponchos or shrugs (the recipients can't make up their minds) and a t-shirt (which - yah! - only needs sewing up at this point).

Thank you again for the chart.

At December 05, 2005 6:13 AM, Blogger elizabooth said...

Well, I think it's cute as a button and it looks great on you. I never would have noticed the flaws if you hadn't mentioned them. And I love the elephant!

At February 02, 2006 12:53 PM, Blogger Ambrosia said...

That sweater is so hot that I'm totally making one like it only in orange instead of the tan. Its strange but my friend just bought a designer sweater that looks just like that except the elephant is a logo and the sweater cost her about a 170 bucks. I just love your taste.

At February 02, 2006 2:20 PM, Blogger Sally Sue said...

ambrosia, the sleeves are actually orange in real life, they just didn't photograph very well.
That's interesting that your friend has a sweater just like it. 170 bucks! You should teach her to make things herself! ;)


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