Thursday, February 09, 2006

I've been sick and home from school the past two days. I wish I could say that it's brought me more time to work on things more important than school (like knitting), but I regretfully admit that yesterday I spent the entire day sleeping, only getting up to see the doctor. On the bright side, I don't have mono, as I feared I would when my best friend caught the symptoms of it a few days after we'd been sharing chapstick (yikes!). Surprisingly, this is only a random minor sickness with coincidential timing.
Today, however, I was slightly more productive. I did finish the book I was reading (Naked by David Sedaris) and I started working on a cool hat.
I decided to do the color/cable work like this solely for the reason that I was thinking about cables in my half-sleeping state and realized that I'd never seen it before. And that, of course, is every reason I need to
proceed with something new and unknown. And while it is on straight needles (I know. A hat that requires seaming. Blech.), I have decided that for the look, it is totally worth one tiny seam. And excessive stranding on one side of the piece. And the frustration of not knowing how soon is too soon to decrease, and then ripping out three inches because it was still not big enough.
But it's okay.
The most recent roadblock on it, which prompted me to update this instead of continue knitting myself to sleep, was that I was trying (probably too hard) to wrestle one of the cable
twists into position when...
Ohhhh. That's not a sound a knitter likes to hear coming out of his or her work. At first I thought I'd broken one of my wooden needles, but it turned out to be a little better than that (or a little worse, depending on whether or not you value a quarter of a dowel rod higher than your in-progress piece).
I snapped the stitch. See?
I guess that's what I get for not using a cable needle. Maybe. Or I can just blame it on the yarn gods' contempt for me for treating my stitches too harshly. I guess every time I make a twist I just expect more elasticity out of my yarn than the stitches are willing to give, so I should have expected this retaliation for my heartless abuse.

I'll tie a knot in the back of the piece tomorrow and act like nothing happened. Because I am better at ignoring my flaws than getting too worked up over them.


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