Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I've resurfaced from the research paper and the projects. Kind of. School still prevails as a wasteful nuisance, but I think I will live this time.
And they usually let me work on my sweater in at least two classes.

But, dude... look at what I noticed had happened when I actually took the time to look down at what my hands were doing in Algebra:

Know what that hole is? (Oh, and it wasn't so ladderish until I dissected it to figure out what was wrong.) It's where, ten rows before, I picked it up and started knitting in the wrong direction. Rawr! I need to look more. Especially in the morning. So I ripped it out and fixed it, but that sets me back 10 rows. And these are some long-ass, annoying rows. Hrumph.
By the way, if you look at this picture you can see what I meant in the previous post about uneven tension. It didn't show up a bit in the first picture, but up-close you can see how atrociously bumpy it is. I think it's because the yarn is so rough.
But on the bright side, the sweater looks like it's going to fit me. Maybe a mistake was a good thing, because I never really know if something will fit or not until I take it off the needles. Success! ...Well, I'm about a third there, but 1/3 success! Mwaha.

Oh, and I have decided that I am knitting my prom dress. Prom is 52 days away, and I really think that I can make it.
A dress? Kind of big, but not an unrealistic goal.
Lace on size 11 needles?
This project will be a bolt of lightning.

Tee-hee.. on a dorky punnish note, if you knew what color I was using, you'd agree about the bolt of lightning part. It's pretty obtrusive. I'm excited.


At March 09, 2006 12:01 PM, Blogger k.a. said...

I just found your blog today from looking at your ice cream hat on craftster. You are so creative! Do you usually write/makeup all your patterns? I have been knitting about two years and really want to try to create some---any tips??


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