Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Look at that.
Why, it's a hat.

This was my first ever attempt at a cloche-style cap. I commend myself on coming up with the stitch progression. The shape is a success, albeit a little small around the crown. I was getting impatient, because the yarn (cottontots) was a total pain in the ass! I rarely give yarn a bad review; I'm pretty cheap and easily impressed by anything fibrous and long. But this crap pilled everywhere while I was working with it, and it made my left hand ache. If I do use the remainder of the skein, I need to chill out and work with some fatter needles. 100% cotton. Every knitter's enemy.

You can tell it's been 70+ degrees outside; I've got my picnic freckles!


At March 14, 2007 6:51 PM, Anonymous Emily said...

I love cotton yarn, but it scrapes my hands when I buy the super cheap stuff =P
Great hat. I really like the stitch pattern- it makes it visually interesting.


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