Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who drops by your house when you're out, leaving two skeins of yarn on your doorstep? Seriously, who on Earth is that awesome?

My mom's best friend Miriam, that's who.

I'm going to make her a couple of summer hats with the Cascade Fixation she bought me, knit together (for elasticity) with this hand-dyed rayon demonstration of the divine. Still, yarn on
the doorstep. I'm not going to get over that thrill for a while.

In other
news, this last Sunday I talked to the owner of a boutique in town about making stuff to sell there on consignment. She's pricing headbands at $15, and told me to produce a small array of them before the weekend, just in time for the Drunk Yuppie Shoppers' Night (not an official title, of course). I figure that if headbands take me two hours to make apiece, and I get nearly $15 per each one, I'm basically making the soon-to-be-ratified new minimum wage. Which I'm cool with, especially since all the work is done when I'm forced to be in school anyway.
So since then I've come up with a small pile to sell:

Here's what the headbands look like on (assuming that the purchaser doesn't look as utterly ridiculous in headbands--or orange, for that matter--as I do):

I showed the owner, Liz, one of the turquoise ones and she said, "Ooh, this color...this color is so in this year! ...And orange." (She talks like that, too, with the size increased on words she likes.) So hopefully she'll like what I've got.

I don't know. The pattern is excruciatingly basic, and loads of the same tiny thing is less than creatively stimulating. Sorry for a boring post. I'm just tryin' to *sniff* earn some money for college! Headbands/hats + a job at a landscaping store + giving knitting lessons to two people this summer (much more on that later) ought to at least put a dent in my room and board. :-/

P.S. John Steinbeck is my herooooooo


At April 03, 2007 2:50 PM, Blogger rachel iufer said...

oooh good idea! i bet they'll sell like hotcakes.


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