Friday, April 20, 2007

The past couple weeks have been... well, I won't even sugar-coat it. Terrible.
There are tons of little personal things I won't go into, but inconveniences (like the law) exacerbate my irritation.
Somehow I can't learn how to arrive places at the time I'm supposed to be there. No matter what time I leave, it seems as if I always end up getting there somewhere between one to eight minutes late.
(I am never more than eight minutes late. That's what is so frustrating: if I had known I was going to be behind, I could at least have made the most of it and been really late.)
So I was headed off to school, not two blocks away from my house, thinking to myself: "I can't be late again today because there aren't enough Saturdays left in the school year for all my presently existing tardy-related d
etentions. On the other hand, I can't really speed here because that one cop has made a habit of hiding in the foliage and making surprise attacks on unsuspecting innocent speeders towards the end of the month so that said cop can meet his quota. I hate that cop... Oh, wait... look, flashing lights in my rear view..."
Clearly I am the victim here.

To make matters worse, I was late to traffic school because I spent the whole time driving there concentrating on the speed limit.
So I have to work on not being late to detention.

Anyway. It's not all bad. I got some yarn in the mail today...


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