Monday, May 29, 2006

So here's what's really going on.
I'm working on a pattern that I'm hopefully going to submit to Knitty, if I finish before the deadline, July 1st. I've already completed two prototypes and scribbled down somewhat-patterns for each, I just have to decide which features are going to carry on to the final piece.
Now what I'm really thirsty for is a simple project to work on while I read. School is almost out--I have two exams to take yet, not to mention my four theology projects due Wednesday--then I'll be free! The long weekend has given me a taste of summer already, and I'm eternally grateful for the time I'll soon have to get lost in several new books. Maybe I can finally dig into that Knitpicks Dye Your Own and the PAAS Easter egg tablets to start on a multicolored felted tote bag. I've been planning the project for months. Just think--stockinette on circular needles. My hands instantly rejoice in relaxation at the very thought of it (the Knitty pattern? It's no stockinette.)
I also joined my first ever Craftster swap. Yep, that's right... before May 26th I was a swap virgin. The theme's Fruits & Veggies, and I'm getting so excited over it! I hope my partner is pleased with what I make her; I'm a bit nervous about it. But I am thrilled that, as far as the beginning of the summer before I leave for a five-week Governor's Scholars Program, my only two deadlines shall be craft-related.
Sorry for another pictureless post. Peace.


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