Monday, September 26, 2005

I made a hat the other day! I was using these huge needles and two strands of yarn together, so it was such a quick knit. Only took me a couple hours.

I had been wanting to make a hat with earflaps in these colors for such a long time, you don't even know. And the pointy top makes it rock more.
I might write up a pattern, someone asked me to on Craftster. How do you get one of those galleries of patterns on one of these blogs? Grr, I don't like coding too much.

I'm making my first toe-up socks. I just finished turning the heel on one today. Short rows are exciting!

The baby sweater is going splendidly as well... if not a little boring. I already finished all the lace on the front, so those couple inches of plain seed stitch are going to kill me. I think I should just suck it up and read a short story while I do it, because that will make it go so much faster. I don't know why I'm such a technique snob now. I'm not even as good as I make myself seem by complaining about how boring a few inches of k1p1 will be. I just tackle new things because I'm not afraid of them. Like, my one friend? She won't learn how to purl because she's afraid of it. She thinks it's going to be really hard and confusing. But when it comes to knitting techniques, you can't let things intimidate you. You just have to do it.
Sillies. Well, that's my input for the day.
I just realized how horrendous my grammar has been throughout this entire post. Sorry, I'm too lazy to change it.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

So my friend and I started this club at school. The "It's Not Just For Grandmas" Club. We are going to teach knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, crocheting, needlepoint, possibly latch-hook and screen printing. I AM SO EXCITED. We had our first meeting and a looo-ooot of people showed up! For the first time I might actually be popular, but it's probably just my club.
I may talk about how it's going later if anything interesting happens, such as a room full of people knitting (imagine that joygasm) or screen printing (which I'm really excited about!). It's not just for Grandmas biiaatch!
I'm finding out which classes it's okay to knit during. Chemistry is definitely okay because my teacher is more excited about what I'm making than whether or not I did my homework. (She's the moderator for our club.) Not history or English because those teachers think I'm not paying attention. Art, only after I finish assignments. Creative writing is okay. Study and Theology are okay, Algebra is always okay 'cause the teacher really just doesn't care. I bet you could be shaving your legs during a test and he wouldn't say a thing.

I'm making a sweater for my friend's 6-month old niece, Kyliegh! I'm excited; I've never had the opportunity to make baby stuff before. It's even more fun because I'm making up the pattern. I'll hold off on posting pictures until I'm finished because it's really hard to make a WIP on dpn's look good.

I'm about 85% done with the body of my elephant sweater. That's pretty exciting, especially since the intarsia part is done. My grandma positively swooned over it when she saw my elephant. I think it's good, but nothing amazing. The yarn is scratchy and I wanted to make the elephant bigger. ::sigh:: Next time.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's done! It's done! It's done! It's done! It's done!

Remember that crazy tank top I was working on that required the use of 16 balls of yarn at once because I decided to be ambitious and make vertical stripes with intarsia? AAHHH. It's done.

Now here's the part where I model it dancing in front of the camera like I'm hardcore.