Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Elephant sweataaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Okay, so in my head that was Strongbad's voice)

Yep, it's really done! No, I can't believe it either. It kind of sucks, though, because when I picked up stitches along the bottom the rib got messed up. But it is better to have a messed up rib than it being too short, so at least matters could be a lot worse. Also, the armpits are not tall enough. ::giggle:: Tall armpits--that sounds funny, doesn't it? It's true, though, that they're not. That is why the top of the elephant rectangle pulls to the sides and looks very unrectangly. But it is just because I have never done a raglan sweater before. I could have used a pattern, but it just wasn't an option (because I am too cool).

I have been requested by Janey from blogger and someone from Craftster (it's moving to a new server at the moment so I can't get the username) for the elephant motif I used. I charted it out on the computer, so this will be nice and easy.

Okay, maybe not.

Okay, so blogger doesn't load .bmp or .png and otherwise it loses color information, but I guess a chart is a chart, regardless of how fuzzy, right?

Yay for MS Paint.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Good news #2: I have pictures.
(You can click on it for a bigger view)

It's actually a little lighter than it's shown in the picture, more of a light light lavendarish pink. It's that $1 Target yarn. (<----cheapass=me)


close-up detail of my magical skilllllz

The following are things about it that aggravate me:
On one of the lace repeats near the top, I forgot an eyelet row. Probably because I was so excited about starting on the armholes. I dunno.
The back is seed stitch, and it actually pulls up more than the front stitches. So the front is about 3/4" longer than the back. Rawr.
The cables on the sleeves don't line up from side to side. One is placed higher. Actually, they were both supposed to go down from the top of the shoulder, but I didn't want to redo it because I hate seaming. I also figured that people only really see the front of this baby so it's probably okay.
Oh, and they don't twist in an opposite direction from each other, which I didn't even think about until just now.

...Of course, all these are things that Kyleigh will never notice. So I figure it's all right for it to have its quirks because she's going to drool all over it no matter what.

Whoo, that was a nice project to finally get done with.

Good news #3: In 24 hours I'll be seeing Bright Eyes!! I can't believe that Conor Oberst is coming to my town just so I can take advantage of him while he is drunk. How excited am I?!?!?! ::holds out armspan:: THIS EXCITED.
(Don't fear me...go back to knitting, sweet people...)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I got the second sleeve for the baby sweater done today! Now I just have to seam them all together and make a collar. (And weave in ends, but I don't like thinking about my least favorite part just yet!)
Yeah, in eighth period I wanted to graft the two shoulder pieces together but I didn't have a third needle for kitchener's stitch, so I took apart my pen and grafted the shoulder with the ink cartrige because I'm punk.
Wasn't till I got home that I realized that I did the wrong side, though. Damn.

Oh yeah, and do you remember that red and green thing that was going to be a coat? Yeah, well it was turning out really freaking ugly so I took it apart. I'm still going to make a coat out of that yarn, though. I'm doing wide panels of each color; it'll be tizight.