Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Where on earth have I gone? I do not haste to confess: not far. The essences of college applications, service, and those never-failing seven solid hours of busywork a day are standing on my shoulders and thickening the air around me.

Knitting? I'm in a major era of stashbusting right now, as well as getting some design ideas out of my head and into material contours.

So if you were wondering why God made huge circular needles and enormously fat skeins of janky worsted acrylic ...

It's so that I can do miles and miles of really abrasive stockinette. Truly, that is why.

I wish I could present some exciting documentation of progress, but a more sumptuous image post really doesn't look likely at the moment. I think the three projects so similar in method and material are kind of self-explanatory.
Pray for me that my cerebral cortex doesn't go numb.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yeah, new layout. Everyone's doing it.

But not everyone is such a sextacular sock model.