Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gary, the very squarey Stashbuster, is grooooowing.

At 5 feet, I am looking only about 40% finished with this ample scarf. But that's because, since I deeply deplore the effort of weaving in ends, I am making it double-sided. Isn't it ironic how some knitters (please understand that when I say "some knitters" I really mean just me) are willing to go to great lengths, literally, expressly to avoid a couple hours of finishing? I mean, each of these squares are taking me up to two hours apiece. And I am entirely willing to indenture my soul to more than ten times the amount of work just so that I don't have to pick up a fucking crochet hook? Somehow it's supposed to make sense, I promise.
It's a fun knit, though, to say the least. I have a rebounding appreciation for garter stitch that was lost pretty much as soon as I learned to purl. Now I'm realizing that garter stitch can be pretty dope in its own way. Especially, it seems, in squares that resemble...
a very pixelated coral reef.
Or... hey, now that I think about it, that Windows XP desktop wallpaper of a desert. Nah'mean?

It wasn't intentional.

Not much else getting bigger in the knitting realm, just my big squarey scarf. Also pictured are: Pride and Prejudice on CD (I cheat at school by pumpin' up the Elizabeth Bennet on my car stereo) and a
housing application for UK. Go Cats?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A couple of Valentines Day FO's!
a mitered square scarf and
just enough yarn left for the world's tiniest cabled hand warmers.

Hope everybody had a good one.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I present to you...
the least convenient time possible to run out of yarn.

So what have I been doing to fill the void in between now and my next trip to the
yarn store?

Mitered squares.

So deceptively easy. So much fun.

Also great for stashbusting.


Anyone ever had this happen to a pair of circs?

Ouch. My heart.

Luckily, I have another pair this size from the new interchangeable set, but It's still upsetting. Masking tape, maybe?